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The whole purpose of your home's siding is to protect your home, along with foundation and contents within it.


With proper installation and up to date siding, your home is protected from rain, snow, wind, and any other strong weather elements. With colder weather, a well-installed siding can protect the interior of your home from the cold air entering within your home, which could help decrease your electric bill. Aging siding doesn't insulate your home as effectively, causing your air conditioning and heating units to work harder to maintain the same temperature.

How to Know You Need New Siding

  • Is your current siding visibly worn out?

  • Does your siding have wood rot or other signs of moisture damage? 

  • Has your utility bills increased recently?

  • Does your siding have cracks, holes, or other damage?

  • Have pests like carpenter ants or termites invaded your siding?

  • Has your siding faded and become unsightly?

Then it is certainly time for new siding!

Benefits of Siding Replacement

  • Get eye-catching curb appeal

  • Express your style

  • Highlight your home's best features

  • Enjoy low maintenance

  • Increase energy savings

  • Avoid pest infestation

  • Experience color that lasts

  • Raise your home's value

  • Get an outstanding warranty

  • Gain confidence in your home's durability

  • Profect your most valuable asset


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